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About us


Who are Torbay Oven Cleaning?

We are a local independent business who have been cleaning ovens since 2014.  We are totally independent company and not a national franchise.

Why should i choose Torbay Oven Cleaning?

Oven cleaning is a dirty job and one of the most hated tasks within the home, our extensive training allows us to clean at far higher standard, far quicker and using only 100% eco-friendly products we will leave your oven gleaming with no chance of damage to your appliance or yourself like some shop bought products.

How often should i get my oven cleaned?

We recommend one or two times a year, depending on how often you use your oven. Our cleans are so thorough the average customer books us in once a year.

How long does it take?

A average clean takes approximately a hour and half for a single oven, a double oven two hours and for range style ovens can take up to three hours- four hours.

Do you split the doors and glass?

All our cleans are very thorough, we always remove the doors and split them down to clean all the hard to reach areas, removing all dust, dirt and streaks, then polished to leave your oven gleaming.

Do you charge extra for racks etc?

All our prices include all racks and grill tray within the price quoted, we will never add any hidden charges.

How soon can i use my oven after a clean?

Your oven will be ready to use on completion of its clean. Our eco-friendly products will never give off any fumes or foul tastes or require the oven to be ‘aired’

What payments do you accept?

We accept the following payments, cash, cheque, BACS or card payment.

How do i book?

You can book online on the homepage or call/text us on 07534 513270

email us at:

Find us on Facebook or use the contact form via our website.

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